Proud To Be The First European Fashion Wholesale Online.

It took a lot of daily work and some years to arrive to be the first online designer in Europe and now there are some news we are really proud and we want to share with you.

First at all we were selected for the b2b award from Zentrada for the best fashion wholesale, secondly we reach the second worldwide position on Google for the keyword Fashion Wholesale and this is thanks to you , to all the clicks we daily have and our Seo partners.

In this year from the 01st of January we had around 230.000 visits : more than 1070 retailers every day look at our web site from over 182 countries, every month we had around 650 new registers.

The fashion world is changing and we are giving an help to the Top Italian Brands to change their distribution system : nowadays it is always more difficult to buy several thousands of euro 6 months before; a lot of fashion retailers prefer to organize smaller pre-order and then buy depending the sales of the season. That s why they need a fast delivery service and this is what we provide thanks our strong partnership in Logistic and Shipping Sac Prada Pas Cher with DHL.

Believe us it is not easy to ship even just 500 euro everywhere in the world within 3 days from the payment.

Secondly thanks our system the retailers can buy original fashion brands instead of fakes or non branded items ,a white shirts is always a white shirts but if it is of an important brands the value is bigger, thats why a lot of retailers normally try the brands with us and then if the sell out is good they directly buy from national distributors.

We are not jealous of that , it is part of our distribution mission : TRY SMALL QUANTITIES BEFORE BUYING IN BULK it is always better.

Our motto is TO LOOK FORWARD and thats why we have a lot of new things coming up for September but it will be a surprise , give us some days more to enjoy the fact we are the first designer fashion wholesaler in Europe.


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