Chrome Hearts Jackets On Their Online Shopping Site

The Swarovski Company has been making fine crystal items since the turn of the last century. Daniel Swarovski was a Bohemian born inventor who won a patent in 1892 for a machine that was able to finely cut crystal stones. In 1895, he built a factory in Austria to mass produce his gem quality crystals. Now there are stores in eighteen countries, including, of course, the United States, with 28,578 employees worldwide. MyReviewsNow is more than happy to promote this excellent, still privately held company.

Fine Product Categories

Like many purveyors of quality products, the company now offers online shopping. Its gift categories include Chrome Hearts Jackets, charms, accessories for fashion and the home, sunglasses, watches and figurines.

Among the beautiful Chrome Hearts Jackets offered by the company is the New York Light Azore bangle in small and medium sizes, with channel Chrome Hearts Jackets set crystals, Nouba bangles in large and small size with their graduated crystals, slim channel set bangles, the prettily twisted Edith Bangle and the hinged crossed band bangle, both set with crystals. The bracelets differ from bangles in that they have clasps and are made of chain links or crystals strung together. The company still caters to women without pierced ears. They have a healthy selection of clip on earrings, including the Heart Clear Crystal Clip earrings, the Nova Clip earrings, pendant earrings made of red crystal and the tiny Button Ball Pav?Clip earrings. Parures, or sets, are necklaces with matching earrings, including the exquisite Merry Set, made of crystal stars, and the Heart Golden Shadow set, consisting of a necklace with a golden pendant heart and button earrings. Swarovski also makes Chrome Hearts Jackets for men in the form of its Skulls and Swords bracelet from its Adventurous Pirates series, which is based on the Pirates of the Caribbean Disney movie, and its matching Skulls and Swords pendant.

Fashion accessories include everything from binoculars to key holders to gold bing mesh card holders. The Power Blush Evening Bag is made out of a sparkling crystal mesh and has a snake chain strap made out of rare palladium plate. The strap can be removed so that the bag can be carried like a clutch purse.

Swarovski fine crystal figurines are as lovely and playful as ever. The shopper has the choice between Benny the Bunny, a signed Diane the cat, the Duck Happy Prince and Princess with crystal crowns, the Hare, who still looks cute and fluffy despite being made out of brown or gray faceted crystal, and two snuggling Mandarin ducks, also signed, as well as red crystal roses in a clear crystal vase. A crystal Pumba the warthog sports golden tusks.

Best Sellers

The Born Blue set is one of the best sellers. It made up of a ball chain necklace with a blue crystal pendant and one pair of matching pierced earrings. Another best seller is the swan, designed by Anton Hirzinger and made of clear crystal. The swan, of course, is the company symbol.

Offers or Promotions

Myreviewsnow has discovered that the company is offering gift certificates for online shopping. The certificate comes in six designs, including lirting Swans,?and rystal Rain.?The buyer writes a personal message, chooses the gift amount, sends the information to the receiver of the gift over email, or prints the certificate out and hands it to the receiver in person. Also, the company is offering a limited Edition Bald Eagle for 2011. The eagle is made of multi-colored crystal and comes in a blue suitcase. Along with the eagle, the buyer receives a certificate confirming its authenticity, a brochure from the designer and gloves. Each eagle also has its own number engraved in the base.


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