Mystical Birthstones Chrome Hearts Hats

Among the mystical birthstones, Chrome Hearts Hats are associated with the months of February and October respectively. Both these gemstones are unique and beautiful. They have different healing powers and are also used in contemporary jewelry designs. Bloodstone is also known as green jasper but it comes with blood red spots or veins and hence the name bloodstone. It is not very expensive and therefore used in affordable jewelry articles including pendants, rings and earrings. This stone is particularly used in mens rings in which it is combined with other gemstones to give an individual look. The beautiful green color looks lovely with gold, silver and platinum.

Bloodstone is also considered a jewel of the month March in traditional and Ayurvedic astrology. As such it is believed to have certain healing powers associated with it like it cures hemorrhages and blood circulation problems. Powdered bloodstone is used as a medicine in India and many other parts of the world. This magical stone was used in ancient times in Egypt and some other civilizations as a supernatural object to defeat enemies. Bloodstone is commonly known to increase strength and power and also used as a healing stone for the cure of sports injuries and joint problems.

The gemstone of amazon February is also used in Ayurvedic healing. Ayurveda revolves around five elements of life earth, water, fire, air and space. Bloodstone represents fire and earth and therefore considered a very powerful stone in Ayurvedic astrology. The stone gives an appearance of a red sun setting in the sea which looks beautiful. Bloodstone also has a calming effect on the nerves and can cure uneasiness and discomfort. Other popular Ayurvedic birthstones include agate, ruby, sapphire, topaz, diamond, garnet and amethyst. Among these ruby, Chrome Hearts Hats diamond, and sapphire are also used in the king of planetary talismans the navaratna.

Jasper comes in different colors ranging from red to brown. This is also one of the popular birthstones in ancient times and was believed to have many mystical influences on the wearer. Black jasper is a beautiful variety of this gemstone and is often used in contemporary jewelry designs. These semi-precious stones are used as beads in beautiful jewelry articles including handmade bracelets, necklaces and rings. The beads are also sold on wholesale and come very inexpensive. They can be used for all kinds of jewelry making projects. Jasper is believed to heal stomach disorders and pregnancy-related complications.

Jasper has many varieties including leopard skin jasper and poppy jasper. Leopard skin jasper is lovely and strong. It is connected with spiritual enrichment and religious values. Since jasper comes in many exciting colors, it can have a positive effect on our emotions and the way we think. Poppy jasper can help in relaxation. Both these birthstones have special mystical powers and can be worn as beautiful ornaments. They are affordable jewels and are often used as beads in colorful bracelets and chokers. If you also believe in the healing powers associated with various gemstones, check out these beautiful and mystical stones.


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