Remarkable Rado Watches

Swiss watchmaker Rado have been around since 1917 and started life as producers of watch movements only.

In 1962 Rado pioneered the worlds first scratch proof watch, the Rado DiaStar and became one of the most popular watches in the world; they are still manufacturing Rado DiaStar, The Original watches to this day.

The Swiss company produces some of the most elegant and innovative luxury watches in the world, specialising particularly in the field of scratch-proof materials. Their watches are sold in a total of 150 countries around the world. Some 500,000 watches are produced every year in their Swiss headquarters in Lengnau.

Unlike their other Swiss counterparts, Rado watches make use of far more innovative high tech materials and set them in a stylish, uniquely Rado design. Some of their manufacturing processes and materials used are unique within the watchmaking world, from ceramics, lanthanum to sapphire crystal and hard metals.

Rado even created a high-tech diamond by transforming carbon into a non-crystalline diamond for their Rado watch V10K, said to be the hardest watch in the world and thus worth an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records.

As the proud owner of more than 20 international design awards and winners of praise for their many innovations, Rado have not stood still. They still lead in their desire to produce very distinct, aesthetically pleasing watch designs that differ as much as possible from their competition.

The functional, but almost Art Deco style Rado Integral watch range or the Rado Ceramica watch range are perfect examples of the companys bold approach to using new materials and very msn modern designs. The straps and case material used is ceramic, while the movement is Quartz. Some Rado Integral watches come with black ceramic straps, stainless steel or black ceramic and yellow gold plated links in their bracelets.

In general Rados luxury watches are waterproof up to 30 meters. The even bolder Rado True Thinline Unisex watch for example has a 39mm black stainless steel case, black diamond set dial, a quartz movement, sapphire crystal glass and a black rubber strap. The unusual mix of materials is meant to intrigue and arrest the eye.

In the same True range Rado produce an elegant ladies watch in snow white; the Rado True Jubilee Small Ladies Watch has a white ceramic strap, a white diamond set dial a quartz movement and is water resistant up to 30 meters. Unusually, the case is made from white, polished ceramic to match the bracelet.

In total contrast the Rado Sintra Super Jubilee Ladies watches have a black diamond dot dial, scratch resistant sapphire crystal and a bezel set with no fewer than 40 diamonds. The platinum tone ceramic case and bracelet could almost be stainless steel at a casual glance, but are far too elegant upon closer inspection.

Rado have been using their interesting mix of diamonds and ceramics since 1957; their innovation hasnt stopped and today the watchmaker presents the world with the very first high tech ceramic case construction with their range Rado HyperChrome. Using the latest injection moulding technology Rado was able to create a one-piece high-tech ceramic case, where the case represents the entire structure of the completed watch.

This year Rado showcased once again some of their breath-taking innovations and Chrome Hearts Pants technological discoveries at Basel World 2012. Here visitors could inspect closely Rados new collections, such as the Rado Specchio, Rado HyperChrome or Rado R-One limited edition.

Visitors could also learn more about the ground-breaking processes and new materials used in the creation of Rados luxury watches, such as plasma treatment, rose gold-coloured Ceramos and Silicon Nitride.


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