How to Use Advertising to Make Your Blog Make Money

There are two basic mindsets among site owners who sell ad space on their web business properties. One group is focused on the site and its readers and will wait for an advertiser to reach out first. The approach is considered “hands off” in terms of advertising and marketing efforts. Then there are the people Chrome Hearts Ring who are more aggressive.

The people and businesses in this group are quite active in marketing the chances they have for others to buy ad space. The approach that is right for you is whichever one feels more natural to you. While both are perfectly legitimate, active marketing is much more beneficial.

When you spend enough time visiting websites, you are going to see a lot of different combinations of formatting for ad space. Of course the smartest thing you can do is test different locations for your creatives. Just about the most popular space for advertising is right with your content and your articles. Try not to annoy, distract or force your readers to leave your sites. The first thing you need to think about is how relevant the ads are to your content. Do your best to imagine what your readers will think and then see if that works with whatever it is that the advertiser wants to promote. How many ads you can get away with will depend on the length of the content. This offers you one of the best reasons to create content that is longer.

You know businesses and IM marketers are famous for giving bonuses. Hopefully you already know that the most powerful section of any marketing endeavor is the offer itself. Make sure you apply this to the ad space that you are offering. Your advertising space, if you aren’t already popular, is going to need some marketing. Sweeten your offers with devices like offering discounts or time-sensitive coupons. You can find a creative method of rewarding people who buy ads repeatedly or send discounts to the ad buys that are more expensive. Everybody wants to feel appreciated and special. Appeal to these kinds of feelings, set up creative offers and don’t forget to run lots of tests.

A potential advertiser needs to be shown and convinced that your site is worth the money. Put a link with the link text of “Advertise” in your footer and you will get a lot more views. Then all you have to do is create a page that tells them exactly why they should be advertising with you. Don’t rely on hype, just tell them about the benefits. In addition to that, you can try putting graphics from your tracking tools. The thing here, though, is that people are slow to trust, which is understandable. It is really easy to change graphics to reflect whatever you want them to reflect. One alternative is to obtain testimonials from past advertisers and offer social proof.

You will help yourself out quite a lot simply by finding a few clients to run advertising on your site. In addition to everything else, though, the relationships you build need to be good ones. If they do reasonably well, they can become lifelong business partners.


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