Windows vs Mac OS -Comparing the Two Operating Systems

As long as some people like Windows OS and others like Mac OS, the debate will never be settled. Both operating systems have benefits for certain types of people, and those people aren’t going anywhere. In many ways, it depends on how you’re going to be using your computer, as Windows is better for some applications, and Mac for others. There are things about each system that are better than the other system, and that is what we will focus on.

Price is the biggest advantage that Windows offers to its users. You can definitely get a computer with a Windows OS for much less than you can get for a Mac. Whether you get a desktop or a laptop, you can save several hundred dollars by choosing a PC rather than a Mac. If the only thing you are hoping to do with your computer are the basics like watching videos and Internet surfing and emailing, it makes a lot more sense for you financially to choose a Windows based PC. You might still like Mac better for any number of reasons (like interface design, ease of use, etc), but in terms of cost they are absolutely more expensive. If you are looking for the lowest priced computers, though, Windows definitely has the advantage over Mac.

If you are a follower of tech news, you’ve undoubtedly heard quite a bit about Windows 8, the next important update being offered by the Windows operating system. For some, this might make a difference in the whole Windows vs Mac debate, as with this new release, Windows is going to be introducing some radical new features. Most importantly, Windows 8 will give you the option of using your computer as a tablet, with a highly functional touchscreen. There are also going to be some options for choosing traditional keyboards and mouses. Obviously, however, as of this article’s writing date, Windows 8 is still just something that we can only look forward to. Currently the earliest it will be released is sometime in 2012. And by then Mac will probably have something in the works to rival it.

Neither system is that much better than the other one, and don’t let anyone tell you so. Back in the past a program only worked with a Windows system or it worked only with a Mac system, so the two systems didn’t have much in common. You can find various versions of software that can work on either a PC or a Mac, that will run almost any device that you can hook up. If you want a Mac, that will run Windows, you now can have one, by purchasing the modern. There are still some things that a Mac does better, and other things that Windows does better, but most users won’t know the difference and everything they need, will be there with either one.

You aren’t going to find a 100% accurate Chrome Hearts Belts answer about whether Mac or Windows is the better operating system. Both have their fans, and there are definite advantages to each system. You are going to need to carefully consider the needs you have, your budget, etc and then figure out which OS is best for all of those.


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